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Concrete demolition and removal can be a sensitive and daunting task. This is especially true when they are to be handled by people who have no experience with it. This is because the job would entail careful and detailed planning, sophisticated machinery, proper removal and transportation protocols and a lot more. However, for those who are highly experienced in this kind of work, the procedures may be routine and straightforward. Concrete demolition and removal are fields that is only perfected by enough experience and having a skilled team. If you are searching among the concrete companies in Scottsdale who can handle a concrete demolition and removal project for you smoothly, we are the team for you.

Like most people, you may either have a straightforward or a complicated reason of why demolition will be needed for your particular structure. For example, a straightforward one would be for a structure that is so obviously damaged to the point of crumbling.

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Of course, this will be impossible to repair, and any effort may be unsuccessful. It is also quite a simple scenario when concrete demolition is needed for a structure that should not be there anymore. On the other hand, you may be conflicted if the obvious damages are minimal, and you are contemplating the possibility of repair. To help you decide, it is best to consult a professional from a Scottsdale concrete contractor. Usually, what happens is that an expert from the team will be sent to your site to do thorough inspection. After, it will be determined if demolition is the way to go or if repair is feasible. Should repair be the better option for you, we also offer services for this.

In the event that it will be decided that you should go with demolition, allow us to walk you through the basic process. After a member of our team has recommended the demolition, a second visit will be done to better plan the demolition process. 

Concrete Contractors Scottsdale

This will be coordinated in our company for scheduling and logistics. On the day or days scheduled for demolition, what is usually present are bobcats with pneumatic breakers attached to them. There may be more than one depending on the size of the project. In addition, jackhammers will also be brough to aid in the demolition process.

After the concrete has been dismantled, they will be removed and loaded intro trucks. These days, we follow newer protocols that are also regulated by environmental laws. The concrete that we have removed will be brought to the nearest concrete recycling facility for processing. After which, we can also discuss your options if you are looking into a new construction. Since we are already familiar with your site, the preparation and everything else that may be needed for the new project may be easier for us.

In terms of costs, the price can be at a range of a little over $400 to $5000 but this will depend on several factors. Call a concrete company in Scottsdale at 480-771-7722 for more information.

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